Alumni association

Les Amis du Vin

The Association of Former Students of the Franck Thomas Institute


Are you a former student of the Franck Thomas Institute? Let’s stay in touch and become a member of our network of wine and spirits professionals.


The Association
“Les Amis du Vin” is the association of former learners of the Franck Thomas network. It aims to generate links and continue to carry the values ​​of the Institute after obtaining the title or certification, but also helps in the integration of outgoing promotions in their professional lives, in France and internationally. The association has developed to become a friendly place for exchanges and sharing through meetings between French and international learners.


A network of qualified professionals
Professionals from the hospitality and catering sectors, you have followed a training course conducted by our certified trainers and have become recognized professionals of the Franck Thomas Institute.
From now on you are able to practice the job of your choice anywhere in France and even internationally. Your professional career continues but the Institute remains by your side. Thanks to our association, the bonds between learners continue in order to create a beautiful network and to express the values ​​and philosophy of the Franck Thomas Institute all over the world.


Our goals

  • Promote alumni
  • Extend links between former students
  • Develop communication and solidarity within the community by promoting exchange between former learners
  • Create events and offers available for alumni
  • Leverage alumni experience for the benefit of students and recent graduates
  • Facilitate recruitment: alumni can find trainees among current learners
  • Accompany alumni throughout their professional career
  • Create the showcase of know-how and success of all graduates



  • Benefit from an active professional network
  • Develop your professional career
  • Keep connected to the professional world
  • Take part in events organized by the Institute


Contact us
Are you currently in training or are alumni and have a question about our network?
Would you like to become a member of the association “Les Amis du Vin” of the Franck Thomas Institute and find your fellow students?
Former learner, would you like to intervene with current students during a training day or make your business known?

Responsible for the animation of the Alumni network

Our last event – January 24th, 2019

On January 24th of 2019, the Institute organized an event bringing together its alumni with special guest Jean-Michel DEISS, the famous Alsatian winemaker, who came especially for the occasion.

On the program of this evening:

• A presentation of the geo-sensory tasting and a superb horizontal tasting of great wines by Jean-Michel DEISS and Franck THOMAS
• A presentation of the alumni association in sommellerie

This event was the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of sommellerie by discovering a new emotional and gourmet approach to wine and to interact with professionals in the catering and hospitality industry.


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