Millesime is the new oenology association of Skema Business School. For us, back to school has been synonymous with new projects. Among them, the desire to professionalize our team to allow the association to shine in our school. Our wish could be realized thanks to the team of Franck Thomas. Around a blind tasting, led by three passionate students, our new recruits began to become familiar with the world of oenology. The training ended in beauty with a theoretical part that our “corked” loved. It is therefore with great enthusiasm that we chose to continue these trainings with the group Franck Thomas and his students.

  • Skema Business School – Millésime association







I am satisfied with the training, thank you for everything.

  • Florian G





My thanks to all the teaching staff and the assistants. Wonderful month!  

  • Clémentine P





Thank you for everything ! It was a chance and an incredible opportunity to be able to learn alongside this team of professional and human trainers. See you soon, I hope on the wine road!

  • Camille S