Franck Thomas Institute

After traveling all over the world, Franck (Best Sommelier of France, Best Sommelier of Europe and Best Sommelier Craftsman of France), having the will to share his knowledge, has embarked on the creation of his training organization. Franck Thomas Formation is born. The team is composed of expert sommeliers who share their experience and know-how with professionals in the hotel and restaurant sector.

The end of 2018 marked the beginning of a new era. The organization Franck Thomas Formation became the Franck Thomas Institute. Similar training with new certifications will be offered. This evolution is also marked by a nascent development abroad.

Franck Thomas’ philosophy, another approach to wine

Franck Thomas Institute has an innovative pedagogical approach based on the senses and the practice in order to seek in the learners the first emotion that the wine gives.

3 fundamental values ​​flow from our philosophy