Master Food and Wine matches to sell better

Master Food and Wine matches to sell better

Durée de la formation

2 days
14 hours

Durée de la formation

14 fine wines tasted
8 food tastings

Durée de la formation

Training available on the national territory

Durée de la formation

558,00€ (TTC)

Module 1: Guide customers into a sensory experience through wine and food pairing

  • Select wines and gourmet products relevant to a sale point
  • Propose combinations of food and wine pairings according to menus
  • Study and update food and wine pairing propositions.

Module 2: Bring forward a choice of wines and gourmet products

  • Look for culinary creations and wines to highlight
  • Accompany a customer into purchasing wines and spirits
  • Identify potential target to propose wine and culinary creations.

Module 3: Ensuring the commercial follow-up of a selection of wines and dishes

  • Present a sales support in accordance with the regulation
  • Write business documents highlighting the quality of food and wine pairing
  • Animate and comment on a selection of wines and dishes.


The course is available in French.



  • Increase wine sales with food and wine pairing
  • Optimize a taste experience with wines
  • Promote through food and wine pairing
  • To propose classical and original marriages to value its selection.


Who is this training for?

For individuals and professional, wishing to improve your tasting techniques (analytical, intuitive and geo-sensory).

No prerequisites are required; however, all participants must be at least 18 (French legal drinking age)




Course Program

  • As soon as the candidate is registered, he/she will receive a confirmation
  • During the course, each points of the program will be covered

When the candidate validates the exam, the certification of La Revue du Vin de France Academy will be delivered.

The validation conditions

At the end of the course, the candidate must pass a 30 minutes written test to validate the certification.

The competences are evaluated on 32 points.
The candidate must obtain at least 16 points to validate the competence.

The members of the jury will judge the level of acquisition of the competences:

    • A: the competence is understood and controlled – beyond 22 points
    • ECA: the competence is understood but but the implementation needs to be perfected with the practice – from 17 to 22 points
    • NA: the competence is not well understood or acquise – less than 16 points.



La formation est éligible au financement des OPCO (Opérateurs de Compétences).
Contactez par mail le Pôle Formation si vous souhaitez plus d’informations à assistant.formation@franckthomas.fr ou par téléphone au 07 83 82 35 55.


558,00 € (tax inc.)

  • By personal check or bank transfer: send your payment and your registration form to Institut Franck Thomas- 50 chemin des Oliviers 06600 Antibes
  • Or in person: from 8am to 4pm at 50 chemin des Oliviers 06600 Antibes.


Les documents

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information:


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