Cursus Expert in sommellerie

Expert in sommellerie

3 UE du diplôme Sommelier Caviste Ambassadeur en Gastronomie

Durée de la formation

51 days

Durée de la formation

At least 130 wines tasted

Durée de la formation

Training available throughout the national territory

Durée de la formation

From 15 € excluding tax per hour - Possible financing - possible discount in the case of the professional integration.

Franck Thomas Institute offers certified training to professionals in the hospitality / catering sector to obtain the title of “Sommelier Caviste Ambassadeur en Gastronomie, title approved by the French State.

Discover the secrets of wines and spirits with titled trainers and a unique pedagogy set up by Franck Thomas, Best Sommelier of France and Europe and Best Sommelier Craftsman of France.

This course is designed to improve existing skills and is exclusively open to people who already have experience in the world of wine (holder of the MC Sommellerie, BP Sommelier, fundamental training, CQP service specialty sommellerie, WSET level 3, justify at least 3 years as sommelier cellar man). This program allows you to validate a new approach to wine based on FTF’s unique pedagogy  (intuitive approach, theater technique, Montessori method).

EU 1> Purchases
EU 4> Wine tourism
EU 5> Management



The ideal opportunity to create your network of professionals: winemakers, wine merchants, sommeliers, and meet professionals of the wine and gastronomy sector during tastings, visits and rewarding workshops. Field meetings are organized so that learners can discover vineyards, learn more about the vineyards and immerse themselves in the daily lives of winemakers. Share your experiences with professionals and meet titled and internationally recognized sommeliers.

The profession of “Sommelier Caviste Ambassadeur en Gastronomie” leads to meeting many professionals through trips to suppliers and wine estates but also to customers or prospects occasionally or regularly.


The Institute has an original approach in terms of pedagogy. Based on experience and Learning by Doing, learners are encouraged to put their knowledge and insights into practice.

This approach is based on 4 fundamental principles that define our learning method:
– an interactive approach putting the learner at the center of the process by referring to the Montessori school method
– an understanding of wine through the emotions it provides: theater techniques
– an intuitive tasting by learning to taste the wine based on perception
– a transmission of technical knowledge to obtain a title recognized by the profession.


Our professional training allows us to work in a wide variety of establishments: wine cellars, wine bars, traditional and fine dining restaurants, specialty stores, department stores, large and medium-sized retail outlets, small businesses, tourist offices and much more.